What is Headless Commerce Article last updated: January 1, 1980

You have probably heard of headless commerce. It is one of the most discussed technologies in 2021, on the internet right now. In this blog post, you will see the advantages and considerations of adopting the architecture for your business.

In the simplest form, it is the separation between the front-end of your business to the backend. Connecting the two to create a seamless e-commerce application for desktop and mobile and other platforms. It enables brands to create a custom user experience for their users, and also improve page load times.

What are the benefits of headless commerce?

Early adopters of headless commerce are typically large enterprises that need the flexibility, and the freedom to create custom features to improve their user experience. These companies tend to have month-long development cycles and an amazing IT infrastructure that goes along with it.

If you are thinking of making the switch to headless commerce, the four biggest benefits tend to be worth the effort and can improve the growth of your business. Even if you're just starting out.

  1. Better Employee Retention

    Better employee adoption. Some organizations can be reluctant to use new technologies because of the learning curve. Having a modern commerce platform alongside the simplicity of headless commerce solves this problem.

  2. Use the tool that you know

    When starting a new e-commerce business, you will have to choose the e-commerce platform: Woocommerce, Magento and Opencart, and many more. But the problem is, you will be tied down to the underlying language that these frameworks are written in. That means you will have to find developers that know the language and have their code with it. That means you won't be able to take advantage of new technologies that will make your website faster, and better UI.

  3. Development time savings

    Since you only need to worry about changing the front-end part of your website, you will only need to hire fewer developers to go to market.

  4. Time to market

    With headless commerce, businesses can launch new front-end experiences quickly. Delving into new market trends with minimum costs from the lack of need from the backend development

How would plats.studio help you with your headless commerce journey? We at plats.studio use Shopify+ as the backend of your e-commerce business. You will be able to use Shopify's business-centric user interface for managing your products, SKU's, and inventory. Alongside that, we will create a custom and rich user experience that will reflect the quality of the brand that you have.

Written by: Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia is the founder of Plats Studio. A veteran UI/UX Designer that has worked on countless ecommerce products and businesses in the span of more than 10 years.